Dear Reader! or: Why I’m blogging

I keep asking myself: Why do I write this blog? I created it one year ago but it lied idle for a long time until summer because it turned out that for a travel blog I don’t travel enough. Sadly, sadly. So after about half a year of blogging about this and that and after slowly getting more following I thought about this question again. Why do I share things with a whole world of strangers? I don’t even know who you are, reading this blog. Maybe it’s my mother who gives me views from Germany all the time. Hello Mum! 🙂 But maybe not. Actually she always forgets the URL of my blog. Maybe I will never know you, dear reader. The WordPress stats give me a vague impression of where you come from, but not who you are and why you’re reading this.

The next questions are: What do I want to share? What do YOU want me to share? In real life, I am confused by people who share their deepest feelings and personal stuff with strangers. It sometimes happens to me that people I just met start telling me their life stories. Last time I was a the hairdresser’s she suddenly started talking about the complicated relationship with her ex-boyfriend with whom she has a child and who was on foreign assignment as a soldier in Afghanistan but now about to come back home. She had a manicure because she wanted to look pretty at the first reunion. Well. And if it’s her, reading this: I really hope you two got back together! 

I don’t write this blog for me – I write it for you!

You might have noticed I don’t talk about my very personal feelings here. This is not because I don’t have feelings. Or problems. I have a diary that I write if I feel really upset. It’s made out of paper, has a pretty cover and lies on my bedside table and I desperately hope nobody will EVER read it. Hope you’re not disappointed. 😉 That’s just me. It would feel awkward to let the World Wide Web know my little foolish emotions. This blog is not my alternative to an expensive therapy. I am too sceptical, too careful who might read this. What’s once on the Internet is very hard if not impossible to erase again. Maybe you are my boss reading this, or my professor at university, or simply my boyfriend. Although he knows all of my other problems how would he feel if I complained online after an argument? I love you, Darling! ❤

So why am I writing this blog? I simply love words and the English language and I think you might be interested in my stories. Maybe you’re not even getting my full charme and wit because it get’s lost by translation into English. I really don’t hope so! I hope I have something interesting to say and an opinion worth to hear. And I want to be heard, of course nobody likes to communicate into deaf silence. Why should I work about an hour on my text – in a language that is not my mother tongue! – if it’s for nothing? So if you read my blog feel free to give me feedback. I am excited and happy every time you leave a comment! 🙂

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