My Bucket List

I am determined to do or see these things before I die – or do something that comes as close as possible to what may be unrealistic. 😉

(Side note: I decided very early that I wanted to see the whole world once. So I don’t include countries that I want to visit in general, but only specific locations and activities to shorten the list a little.)

  • Learn to fly like Peter Pan – close: Tandem Hang Gliding (in Australia)
  • Do another Tandem Hang Gliding Flight in Rio de Janeiro
  • See the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
  • Learn to speak at least a third language fluently
  • See the Statue of Libery, New York
  • Interview with Barack Obama (I admit I am fascinated. If this happens I’ll probably die of a heart attack.)

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A new blog is born!

Breaking News: I finally found the time and courage to start a second blog!! 🙂 A while ago I noticed that some of my more controversial and serious posts don’t really fit into “Wonderland”. Sometimes I like to write down my opinion about politics, media and society, and this blog works best as a photography and travel blog. From now on I will (roughly) split the two topics. So let me introduce you to my new “opinion blog”:

“Schweigen im Walde”

It is written in German because I feel more comfortable to talk about difficult topics in my mother language. I am very sorry to exclude my readers who only speak English, but the decision had to be made. They had to be two entirely different blogs.

Don’t worry, “Wonderland” will stay the same: Photos and travel stories, insights about the life in Bremen and German customs. If an opinion piece fits into this profile, you might find it on both blogs.

I hope you stay with me – and see all the German-speakers at “Schweigen im Walde”! 🙂



Festival Stories

Festivals are for the love of music, clearly. But they are also an opportunity to go hog-wild. I’ve just been on Hurricane Festival in Scheeßel, one of the biggest music festivals in Germany. It’s three days of playful anarchy. Don’t wash, don’t behave, shout at people, dance wildly, drink too much… altogether very interesting asocial behaviour, especially on the camping ground. I’m not saying I like everything people do there. Like peeing against your tent while you sleep. Or being so wasted that they feel the need to jump around completely naked (interestingly only men do this). But it is kind of liberating to get rid of civilized life once a year. 🙂

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Travel Diary Reloaded

I tell you something: If you’re on a big journey, do write a travel diary! When I was on my working holiday in Australia in 2010, I bought an empty book and wrote down my daily experiences. I didn’t leave out a thing. I pasted maps, tickets, flyers of my activities on the pages, noted my spending and all my thoughts – the happy and the homesick. Five years later, I noticed how precious this book is. I read it for the first time a few weeks ago and I completely loved it. It’s pure memories. It’s completely hilarious. And it showed me how important it is to help our little brains remember.

travel diary

In 2010, I wrote a travel diary. But paper is so yesterday, isn’t it?

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Writing a Bachelor Thesis. A Screenplay.

9 am in the morning. Alice sits at kitchen table and has breakfast. Very slowly. Then stands up, cleans up the table. Wanders aimlessly through the flat. Folds the laundry in the bedroom. Wipes away some dust on the furniture.

“Come on, Alice, you have to. Oh, well.”

Sits in front of computer. Starts reading stuff she wrote yesterday.

“Are these my words? What the heck was wrong with me?”

Shakes head. Furious typing. Then reaches end of text. Stops. Stares at blank space beneath it. Presses CTRL + S.

Thinks. Starts digging through her materials that are spread over the whole table, searching for her list of categories. Thumbs through it. Writes one parapraph. CTRL + S again. Reads paragraph. Deletes one sentence. Writes it again. Notices that she wrote the same sentence. Deletes it. Changes some nuances of other sentences.

2 pm. HUNGRY.

Walks into kitchen. Finds no proper food that she doesn’t have to prepare. Decides for chocolate. Writes a little more.

“Yeah, now I’m on the roll!” 

It’s getting dark outside. Eyes are burning. Head feels like salad bowl. Then…… – Open Office document bucks!

“AAAH!!!! No no no. NONONONONO!” (Desperate clicking.)

“Ok, Alice, give him time. Give him time.”

Backs off computer and walks into living room. Switches on TV. Watches for 10 minutes, bouncing restlessly on the couch. Returns to computer. Open Office shows “no response”.

Opens task manager. Ends Open Office. Starts it again. Restores document and sees that changes of last sentences are all gone. Rage attack. Many curses. Makes copy of document on her USB Stick. Resists urge to throw computer out of window.

And the worst thing: Chocolate is empty, too.

bachelor thesis meme

(Meme created on


“Take a deep breath and get to it!”

Harry PotterA random sentence, interpreted so it becomes a little story: A really creative idea, this Daily Post Prompt Connect the Dots – I decided to participate spontaneously. So I grabbed the next book that was at hand and it waaaas…..”Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” – in Spanish! Oh well. I felt the  temptation to cheat and pick another book. A profound book. Like “Pride and Prejudice”, maybe. Or “Romeo and Juliet”. Surely they would make this easy because every sentence would be quite philosophical. But to cheat is not my way and besides, this offers me an opportunity to tell you a little story of my life. After all, Harry Potter and I have a long and deep relationship… 😉 Continue reading

Dear Reader! or: Why I’m blogging

I keep asking myself: Why do I write this blog? I created it one year ago but it lied idle for a long time until summer because it turned out that for a travel blog I don’t travel enough. Sadly, sadly. So after about half a year of blogging about this and that and after slowly getting more following I thought about this question again. Why do I share things with a whole world of strangers? I don’t even know who you are, reading this blog. Maybe it’s my mother who gives me views from Germany all the time. Hello Mum! 🙂 But Continue reading

Boom boom bang! – New Years Eve, the German firework-mania and good intentions

new year fireworksMore than 120 million euros – that’s the total amount of money that Germans spent for fireworks last year (I always think it’s funny to say “last year” when it was only 2 days ago, don’t you?). Isn’t that crazy?? Not a big surprise, though. My boyfriend told me he saw a guy in the supermarket who bought stuff for 700 euros alone. Germans are known to be a very serious people, altogether decent and righteous. But when law allows it to riot – then yeah, we go WILD! 😀  Continue reading

So I made a Facebook Year in Review.

I admit: I did it. During the last two weeks or so the Year in Reviews of my friends popped up on Facebook and I was slightly irritated: What was this? How did they do it and why? I didn’t read one of them. Yesterday Facebook lured me onto doing the same foolish thing. It showed me my personal Year in Review and the design was quite pretty so I thought: “Nah, that won’t hurt” and shared it. Afterwards I thought: “You little idiot.” Until today not even one of my friends liked this post. That’s my rightful punishment! 😉

Apart from being useless this little display of jolly moments is a big lie. Most people use a social network to show off with only the shiny highlights of their lives. What does Facebook know about my life? About the hard facts I fear it knows far more than I wish – but when it comes to emotions the algorithms fail completely.  Continue reading