About Me

25 years ago I fell into the rabbit hole of life. Today I work as a journalist in Bremen (North Germany). On this little blog of mine you’ll find travel stories, photos and stories about my beautiful hometown!

I once wrote down thoughts on blogging and my intentions here. I am writing in English because I originally started this blog as a travel blog while living in Budapest. Me and a multicultural bunch of friends wanted to write together. When it didn’t work out I already had some texts in English, so it was a mixture of convenience and “think globally” idea that I kept the language. Now I also think this way I can maybe make you understand my country or the German way of life a little better.

Welcome to my Wonderland! 🙂


Interested in my writing? Check out my second blog “Schweigen im Walde”! It’s written in German and discusses topics like politics, media and social media.

You also find me on Instagram (alice.echt) and Twitter. Tweets are mostly in German.

Would you like to tell me something? Feel free to drop me a line using the contact form below!


All pictures and texts on this blog are my intellectual property. If not so, I will mark them clearly with their copyright. They may not be copied or downloaded without my expressed permission. Although I always try to make sure external links are accurate and up-to-date, I cannot assume any liability for external content.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Alice,
    if I could, i would write this in english…but ich was not good in school in english 😉

    Ich bin zufällig über den Blog gestolpert und wollte nur mal bekunden: Gefällt mir, schönes Projekt!

    Viele Grüße / Best Regards
    Taxidriver Bremen 😉

    • Vielen Dank!! Kein Problem mit dem Englisch, wir Bremer können ruhig in unserer Landessprache schnacken 😉 ich freu mich über deinen Besuch hier und hoffe du hast trotz der Sprache Freude an meinem Geschreibe!

    • Thanks for the advice – I just had a look at your blog and definitely admire your writing in 4 languages!! I will consider writing bilingual posts myself 🙂

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