Shoes out for Nikolaus!

Temperature outside: Plus 3 degrees. This way we won’t get snow soon, I guess.

Nikolaus shoe customNo shoes, no gifts. And as every child in Germany knows, St Nicholas (Nikolaus) will only put his gifts into clean shoes, so you better polish them quickly tonight! This is why the picture is monochrome, so you don’t see how dirty mine are. πŸ™‚ St Nicholas Day is not exclusively a German custom, as the Saint Nicholas wasn’t German. Other than Santa Claus (who is actually a form of commercial St Nicholas invented in the USA) he really lived, about 300 AD in the region where today you’ll find the state of Turkey. He was the bishop of Myra and was known for charitable acts – miracles in Christian belief. Today he’s the bringer of gifts, traditionally: fruit, nuts and other healthy stuff, today: chocolate! Bad kids will nothing tomorrow, of course, except the birch. Yes, that’s what they tell us. Hope you all have been good this year! πŸ˜‰

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