3 things I learned in: Turkey (Alanya 2011)

turkey alanya

1) Skin colour matters! The merchants on the markets just needed one look to recognize that we are freshly arrived tourists. After two weeks there were even some who thought we would live there.

2) Never take an All-inclusive-hotel. It’s just the worst kind of tourists, fighting around some buffet all the time, as there are at least five meals over the day.

3) This is not exactly a thing I learned just here but it’s nevertheless true: Being a tourist sucks. Everybody just wants you money (by the way: never do these trips where they drop you off for 3 hours or so at some leather or jewelry factory like: “You will only get out of here if you buy something!”). At the same time you feel that they secretly hate you and you feel guilty for having money. You are an intruder. Even if you want to see the authentic parts of a country you feel awkward when going there. Plus, nothing is more awkward than “authenticity” that is displayed for tourists.