London in 3 days

When me and my boyfriend decided to visit London, I tried to recall memories of a student exchange to England many years ago. I must have been eleven years old or something but I remember quite a lot. Apart from being on the big wheel “London Eye” and feeding grey squirrels in Greenwich Park the most distinct memory I have is: Confusion. Now that I saw London again I can totally understand that again. For a tourist London is primarily a noisy city crammed with people. Around the world-famous destinations you can hardly move to left and right on the sidewalks, you are pushed forward by the crowd and traffic noise prevents any normal conversation. But it’s not only that. London is beautiful, London is impressive, multicultural and colorful. History calls you on every corner and there are green parks and street markets vibrating with life. To be honest it’s not fair to rush through it on only three days. You would have to spend a whole life there to understand London properly. But the little bit that I learned about this city I would like to share with you.

Piccadilly Circus London Underground

Piccadilly Circus, a pulsing heart in the center of London.

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Summary: What I know about Hungary now

Now that my three months in Hungary are almost over, I would like to sum up everything I know about this country. For myself to remember and for you as information. First of all: I love Budapest. I have never been in a city that is more creative or beautiful, but also I learned something about the Hungarian society. Many Germans, including me before I came here, don’t know much about this country, and the foreign media paint a rather dark picture of it. I am not an expert now, but I would like to share my experiences with you, tourist activity as well as deeper stuff… Continue reading

The Lone Weirdo

Now the dust has settled. This strange feeling of constant excitement that you have on adventurous holidays is completely gone. I’m talking about the “everything new” feeling. You never get to clear your mind, you are unresting. Sitting in your room feels horrible, although it is the most normal thing to have some time during the day where you just do nothing. But in this state of mind I am describing you get beyond bored every second that you aren’t busy – you get mad! Man, I am in Budapest! Sitting in my room and watching TV is a NO GO! What a pressure. Will I find friends or will I be alone all the time (which feels like “forever until I die” in this irrational psychological condition)? Maybe it’s just me thinking too much, but I bet there are people who understand me. Everybody who claims to be totally relaxed and happy all the time after moving abroad alone is definitely a liar!  Continue reading