Boom boom bang! – New Years Eve, the German firework-mania and good intentions

new year fireworksMore than 120 million euros – that’s the total amount of money that Germans spent for fireworks last year (I always think it’s funny to say “last year” when it was only 2 days ago, don’t you?). Isn’t that crazy?? Not a big surprise, though. My boyfriend told me he saw a guy in the supermarket who bought stuff for 700 euros alone. Germans are known to be a very serious people, altogether decent and righteous. But when law allows it to riot – then yeah, we go WILD! 😀  Continue reading

New Years Eve in Berlin

Berlin Brandenburger Tor New Years EveI don’t particularly like New Years Eve. It’s always a pain organizing something fun. Inviting all your friends is impossible because you don’t have the space or they have other invitations already and they NEVER tell you if they will come until the very last day. Why is this so annoying? Because some weird social pressure tells you New Years Eve has to be the most special and legendary night of the past year. So it will definitely become the very opposite. But I don’t want to complain about “Silvester” how we Germans call it. I only say this to explain why this year me and my boyfriend decided to flee from this pressure and do something on our own instead: We went to Berlin, to the great Open Air Party at the Brandenburger Tor. I will share this experience with you. Continue reading