Tweeting Eurovision

Every year I am surprised that it’s Eurovision Song Contest again. To be honest, I think this is a waste event. I got goosebumps because of more than one song yesterday, but not of the good kind. I confess, I watched it anyway and it actually was interesting this time, but not because of the show itself but the millions of tweets on #ESC2015. Did you ever do this, watch TV and simultaneously comment every minute on Twitter on what’s happening? Don’t you think that’s strange behaviour?? Not that I am in a position for a judgement as I did it myself yesterday – and the ESC is probably the only thing on TV where it really doesn’t matter if you pay attention or look on your smartphone. But it’s weird. Everybody wants to throw in their two cents; it seems nobody really cares about the music, it’s just a contest about the funniest tweet. Even some of the big journalistic media participated in the collective bitching. Subjectively, this was what most tweets were about: Continue reading

The “New Utopia” on TV – Philosophy and Reality

There is a new reality show on German TV channel SAT1. It’s called “Newtopia”. There’s a lot about this show that I find interesting. It already begins with the name. At first, the show was supposed to be called “Utopia”, like the original TV format that was created by John de Mol in the Netherlands. The name refers to the 16th century novel by Thomas Morus that frames an ideal society. But the German Online Magazine for sustainable living “Utopia” sued SAT1 so the name was changed. Not the very best start for the “greatest TV experiment ever” as the call it. Continue reading

About Social Media Trolls

I don’t get it. The intention of these people. The trolls. Who are they? Especially: What’s going wrong with their lives?

trolls social media internet journalism

By JNL (Own work)

You know, I use Social Media (in this case Facebook and Twitter) as a sort of personal news channel. As a student of media and communication studies I can tell you this is quite common. So I am the type of user who reads a lot, searches for answers but doesn’t communicate much. In fact, this blog is the big exception. I liked a lot of news media sites on Facebook and Twitter because it’s convenient to see their posts in my timeline and it makes it easy to be up-to-date. But reading the posts beneath certain articles I notice that other people – the other type of user – apparently find their purpose in life doing one thing: Posting stupid shit. Continue reading

Charity for Christmas is great. But why such a bad performance?

Temperature outside: 5 degrees. Maybe this is global warming.

Yesterday, zapping through the TV channels, I stumbled over the annual charity gala of the public broadcasting service ZDF. A huge event, all the very important persons were present and in the end they collected more than 16 million euro for the charitable organization “Ein Herz für Kinder” (A Heart for Children). Which is really really great! But the show – the show was crap. Sorry to say that, but it was bad. Speeches learned by heart and given in a mechanical manner and for me a little too much adulation for big companies that donated money. And “A Heart for Children” isn’t the only charity project that caused confusion this year… Continue reading

What to think about the Ukraine?

It will not be me who gives you an answer to this question. Because there is no easy answer, and because I wasn’t there. Like everyone I depend on the media and their reports to form an opinion. Don’t worry! I am not one of the trolls who spread conspiracy theories about evil America. Neither will I defend Russia. But I’d like to make some remarks. Today I read something about the neo-Nazi members of the militia that supports the Ukrainian government against the “pro-russian separatists”. It reminded me that we always have to question the motives of both sides. There is – as usual – no black and white.  Continue reading

Journalism with handicap

Thinking about my internship in Hungary I realized one thing: You can’t be a journalist in a country where you don’t speak the national language, as journalism relies on nothing more than words. Very simple, but I didn’t think about it before. I mean, I was aware of the problem. But I did not really THINK about what it implies. Here’s a few disadvantages I have because I don’t speak Hungarian. Continue reading