Merry Christmas!

christmas tree

Merry Christmas!

This is probably my last post on “Christmas Special” because from today 6 pm on I will be only lazy, sitting on the couch, eating all the time. I am already a little sad, because it was a lot of fun and I hope I can keep up the frequent blogging! 🙂

This post is about Christmas Eve in Germany. I would like to give you an impression of how it is – although my family is probably not the best example for typical German behaviour this day. Continue reading

Christmas movie: Three Nuts for Cinderella

Temperature outside: 5 degrees, thunderstorm (not kidding!)

Christmas is all about traditions. There are certain things that mean Christmas to us, a song, a certain dish or a movie. In Germany there are several classic movies that return on TV every year at this time. For example “Little Lord Fauntleroy” (just yesterday) or – and this is my favorite – “Three Nuts for Cinderella” (also: Three Gifts for Cinderella, in German: Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel). It’s a Czech and East-German (DDR) fairy tale from 1973. In the anniversary year 2013 there was a big exhibition at Schloss Moritzburg in Saxony, where the film was shot. I think the movie is very beautiful. The story of the poor girl Cinderella who has to work for her greedy stepmother and sleep in the ash of the fireplace is set in a snowy medieval scene. A perfect nostalgic winter movie and I loved it so much when I was younger! Continue reading

The Ghost of “Last Christmas” – 30 Years, 1 Song

Temperature outside: 7 degrees. Raining 4 days in a row, killed all my Christmas feeling…

There is a ghost wandering through Germany every year in december. A song that they play on the radio again and again, for 30 years now since 1984: “Last Chistmas” by Wham! No song divides Germany like this so it really should have a place in my little explanation of German Christmas customs. Themed: “Once bitten, twice shyed!” 🙂 Continue reading

Christmas Market No. 1 – Schlachte-Zauber

Temperature outside: Damn freezing cold – but still no snow…

christmas market Schlachte Weser Bremen

The Christmas Market “Schlachte-Zauber” along the river Weser in Bremen. It’s a separate market from the big one at the Dome and the Rathaus but has a unique atmosphere!

This evening I wore so many layers of clothes I could hardly move! I love the “Schlachte-Zauber” Christmas Market because it has a great medieval or “pirate theme” section – not historically correct but very cozy! 😉 You get all kinds of hearty food there, hot mead and mulled wine and all the people are in disguise and talk in funny medieval language. Join my small walk in pictures…  Continue reading

Series: Christmas in Germany


Tomorrow’s the first day of advent season and I am planning a series about “Christmas in Germany”. Customs, decorations, maybe some photography if I find the time. 🙂 I really love Christmas, but it can be also very annoying and you will find some of my thoughts on the gifts madness here for sure! I hope some of the other blogs out there post interesting things about their Christmas time as well. How do you celebrate Christmas in your country? This will be fun!