A new blog is born!

Breaking News: I finally found the time and courage to start a second blog!! 🙂 A while ago I noticed that some of my more controversial and serious posts don’t really fit into “Wonderland”. Sometimes I like to write down my opinion about politics, media and society, and this blog works best as a photography and travel blog. From now on I will (roughly) split the two topics. So let me introduce you to my new “opinion blog”:

“Schweigen im Walde”

It is written in German because I feel more comfortable to talk about difficult topics in my mother language. I am very sorry to exclude my readers who only speak English, but the decision had to be made. They had to be two entirely different blogs.

Don’t worry, “Wonderland” will stay the same: Photos and travel stories, insights about the life in Bremen and German customs. If an opinion piece fits into this profile, you might find it on both blogs.

I hope you stay with me – and see all the German-speakers at “Schweigen im Walde”! 🙂



Travel Diary Reloaded

I tell you something: If you’re on a big journey, do write a travel diary! When I was on my working holiday in Australia in 2010, I bought an empty book and wrote down my daily experiences. I didn’t leave out a thing. I pasted maps, tickets, flyers of my activities on the pages, noted my spending and all my thoughts – the happy and the homesick. Five years later, I noticed how precious this book is. I read it for the first time a few weeks ago and I completely loved it. It’s pure memories. It’s completely hilarious. And it showed me how important it is to help our little brains remember.

travel diary

In 2010, I wrote a travel diary. But paper is so yesterday, isn’t it?

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