Writing a Bachelor Thesis. A Screenplay.

9 am in the morning. Alice sits at kitchen table and has breakfast. Very slowly. Then stands up, cleans up the table. Wanders aimlessly through the flat. Folds the laundry in the bedroom. Wipes away some dust on the furniture.

“Come on, Alice, you have to. Oh, well.”

Sits in front of computer. Starts reading stuff she wrote yesterday.

“Are these my words? What the heck was wrong with me?”

Shakes head. Furious typing. Then reaches end of text. Stops. Stares at blank space beneath it. Presses CTRL + S.

Thinks. Starts digging through her materials that are spread over the whole table, searching for her list of categories. Thumbs through it. Writes one parapraph. CTRL + S again. Reads paragraph. Deletes one sentence. Writes it again. Notices that she wrote the same sentence. Deletes it. Changes some nuances of other sentences.

2 pm. HUNGRY.

Walks into kitchen. Finds no proper food that she doesn’t have to prepare. Decides for chocolate. Writes a little more.

“Yeah, now I’m on the roll!” 

It’s getting dark outside. Eyes are burning. Head feels like salad bowl. Then…… – Open Office document bucks!

“AAAH!!!! No no no. NONONONONO!” (Desperate clicking.)

“Ok, Alice, give him time. Give him time.”

Backs off computer and walks into living room. Switches on TV. Watches for 10 minutes, bouncing restlessly on the couch. Returns to computer. Open Office shows “no response”.

Opens task manager. Ends Open Office. Starts it again. Restores document and sees that changes of last sentences are all gone. Rage attack. Many curses. Makes copy of document on her USB Stick. Resists urge to throw computer out of window.

And the worst thing: Chocolate is empty, too.

bachelor thesis meme

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Social Media and Journalism

I will soon finish my Bachelor thesis. (And if I repeat this sentence often enough it will become true! 🙂 ) I would like to share some of my scientific insights with you. This way this thesis which steals my time and brain capacity for blogging is at least good for something. I am exploring the relationship between journalism and social media. Social media in my definition are all internet-based applications that serve the interaction, connection and relationship building of people. The most common are of course the social network Facebook and the microblogging platform Twitter. But I also include comments or forums on journalistic websites into my work.

I was interested in the question why journalists use social media. What is it good for? Continue reading