Need some advice for your travel adventure?

What do you need for traveling? How to plan your trip, to make the best of it? Sometimes starting a journey can be confusing. In these cases, I love to read travel blogs to get advice. Time to give something back myself! 🙂

Beach Sunset

Before you start your journey: Save money! Yeah, I know it sucks. But there’s no other way. You can save money every day. What I spend most money on is actually: FOOD. I can’t walk past the bakery without buying something, the bloody smell is just too delicious! So if you go to work or Uni or wherever, take your own lunch box. Stop eating out so much in general and cook at home instead. Make a plan what you’d like to cook the next days and do your shopping considering in advance which food gets bad quickly, so you don’t have to throw stuff away. And if you’d like to go out…well, staying at home and sharing a bottle of wine from the supermarket is always cheaper than going to a bar. 😉

Join travel groups on Facebook! Social Networks are wonderful sources of advice, but also for socializing and finding travel buddies. When I was about to go to Australia, I joined a group named “Backpackers Australia” and asked some questions like “Which tour do you recommend?” and got really useful answers within minutes. In Budapest I also joined the couchsurfing groups on Facebook to get in touch with people. It’s true: You never have to be alone as long as there’s Social Media!

Before packing: Write a list. I totally am a lists person. There are constantly things popping up in my head that I forgot – like in the middle of the night. Writing them down is the best way not to forget important stuff and packing is a lot more relaxed when you only have to tick things off the list in the end. If you’re too lazy to do it yourself I found this MOST CLEVER website where you can just enter your destination and planned activities and it will GENERATE THE LIST FOR YOU! Isn’t the internet amazing? It will even tell you to lock the doors and windows of your home when leaving. So it’s basically your Mum. 😀

mountainsWhat do you need on your journey (apart from what’s on that amazing website list)? There are some extra-items I found immensely useful – and some that are overrated or not advisable to take with you.

Very useful stuff:

  • Travel towel (made out of microfiber, very thin, dries very quickly and takes almost no space in your luggage)
  • Belt pouch. Wonderful thing. You can put your camera, sunscreen, mobile phone and money in it. When you go hiking you have your hands free and: no sweat stains on your back from the backpack!
  • Little samples of shampoo, shower gel and so on for your carry-on bag – in case the big one gets lost – and in case you book a trip for a few days and don’t want to take all the heavy stuff with you
  • Pocket knife – but don’t forget to put it out of the hand luggage before a flight… I can tell they don’t like that at all.
  • Lunch box (also perfect for putting left-over food from the day before in the fridge)
  • Little dispenser for salt, pepper and different spices (available in camping shops)

What you most probably don’t need:

  • Your own sleeping bag. If you are not camping, don’t take it with you, because they are not allowed in most hostels (bed bugs!)
  • Money belt – in hot countries it’s a pain wearing it and it’ll always show under your shirt. I stopped wearing mine quickly and just left important stuff in the hostel in my backpack, sealed with a little lock. But of course you can decide on this yourself, however you feel most comfortable.
  • Laptop – if you don’t need it desperately, leave it. You’ll have to rip your whole hand luggage apart for it every time you pass the security check (very annoying).

And then, most important: Enjoy your trip! You lucky thing. 🙂

Did I forget something? How do YOU prepare for a trip? Feel free to share in the Comments!

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