Five Shades of Uluru

This is not just a big red rock in the middle of nowhere. It’s a sacred place for the Aboriginal people and the most stunning natural wonder I have ever seen! Uluru (or Ayers Rock as the white people call it) has a kind of energy to it that is hard to describe. Standing in front of it you will only see solid walls of rock and you’ll feel tiny like an ant, unimportant and still so blessed to see this place. Depending on day time and light conditions Uluru will change its face and color many times, sometimes even within minutes… The following pictures were all taken at the same spot, the popular sunset area, and show 5 different moods of Uluru.

uluru sun and shade

Blue sky and sunlight causing interesting shades.

uluru bright orange


uluru dark

After sunset the moon takes over.

uluru grey and yellow

Evening sun with dark clouds.

uluru red

Dark red glow.



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