The Great Ocean Road

Now this roadtrip is definitely a must-do when you are in the area around Melbourne! From the city it’s aproximately a 2 hours drive to get there. It reminded me a lot of the Highway 1 in California, winding its way along steep cliffs and through the rainforest. You can see everything in one day – like we did – but I guess you should rather spend several days there. It’s also the perfect spot for surfing! I caught some moments on camera for you.

shipwreck coast great ocean road

This spot is called Shipwreck Coast.

loch ard gorge great ocean road

A dramatic story is told about Loch Ard Gorge: A young fisherman named Tom Pearce rescued a girl after their ship sank by swimming out the whole gorge and back with her again.

otway nationalpark rainforest great ocean road

Take deep breath of the air at the Otway Nationalpark Rainforest, which smells of the great eucalypt trees.


…and you may spot some of these little furry guys here!

twelve apostles

The impressing Twelve Apostles (of which are only seven remaining today) are the perfect spot to see the sunset, even with a cloudy sky

3 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road

    • Thanks for commenting, I apologize for the late reply (wifi connection is so random down here) 🙂 Yeah, such a far way to Australia but if you make it one day you’ll never forget!

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