Besides, I tweet.

I do. Occasionally. But I still I have no idea what I’m doing. Everytime I log in my Twitter account it feels like stepping into a different world whose rules are all Greek to me. People follow mysterious hashtags with origins sometimes traceable and sometimes…not. 

To be honest, I joined Twitter out of a tactical desicision. In modern journalism it seems you have to be there. I don’t know who said that actually but looking around myself I can’t deny the truth. Part of it surely is peer pressure, because not everyone is made to be a popular and talented Tweeter – but it also has a point. Since I am part of this community I see the use of Twitter – especially in comparison to Facebook. You get the news first. So the first thing I did when I joined was to follow many news media and some interesting journalists. Great. Task accomplished.

A few weeks later I began to feel slightly unsatisfied. It seemed that nobody would want to follow me! 😀 (Surprising, as I did actually tweet about four or five times during these weeks…) Ok. I realized quickly why Twitter is so addictive: You have to be constantly present, otherwise it’s good for almost nothing. And it apparently requires much more attention than I have at my disposal. I also don’t want to engage in creepy tactics to become more popular like – for example – mentioning every single trending hashtag in a senseless tweet of mine.

I use Twitter. It gets better, too. So if you’d like to follow me at @madlicie – go ahead! 😉 Although I fear as an advertisement this was not very subtle and probably too self-deprecating. I also have to add that most of my tweets are in German. 🙂

Your thoughts:

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