Merry Christmas!

christmas tree

Merry Christmas!

This is probably my last post on “Christmas Special” because from today 6 pm on I will be only lazy, sitting on the couch, eating all the time. I am already a little sad, because it was a lot of fun and I hope I can keep up the frequent blogging! 🙂

This post is about Christmas Eve in Germany. I would like to give you an impression of how it is – although my family is probably not the best example for typical German behaviour this day.

At Christmas Eve, I usually come over to my parent’s house in the morning to decorate the Christmas tree. In Germany – traditionally – we put it into the living room on December 24, not earlier. Wikipedia says, the Christmas tree is originally a German custom, which actually surprised me a little. It is said it symbolizes bringing health into the house but today they use such a lot of pesticides on the trees (because of the monocultures) that I doubt there is much left of this idea. But as long as we don’t lick on the branches it’ll probably be fine. 🙂 Also many families started bringing in the tree weeks before Christmas already, but I like it better the old way.

After this, sleepy atmosphere spreads and everybody is reading or texting on the smart phone or whatever until in the evening we start exchanging presents. Because we are not religious, we don’t go to a Nativity Play or the church service in the afternoon but others certainly do (and also later in the evening when the kids are sleeping already).

Then begin three days of constant eating.

The traditional food on Christmas Eve in Germany is fish, because this day still belonged to the fasting period. My family might be considered traditional at this point, because since a few years we always eat fish on Christmas Eve. Well, actually it’s “Graved Lachs”, a Scandinavian dish of sauced salmon – salmon that is preserved with salt – so I guess it doesn’t count. 🙂 And like many customs also the fish-eating disappeared over time. Today most families eat “Bockwurst” (sausage) and potato salad on Christmas Eve. How to explain this? I don’t know. I definitely prefer the salmon…

And that’s it. Not very spectacular, but Christmas is the feast for the family and supposed to be a time to calm down and relax. This is also my advice for you!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!! 🙂

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