Christmas Market No. 2 – Shopping in the rain

Temperature outside: 11 degrees. Wind and rain.

christmas shopping presents rainEvery year I find myself in the city searching for some presents three days before Christmas. I can’t help it. The first week of December I am like: “Yeah, I already bought two presents! This year’s going to be different, I am super organized with Christmas stuff.” And then it’s Monday, Christmas Eve is on Wednesday and I still got nothing for Mum and Dad and Grandma. So I have to fight my way through thousands of people in over-heated shops, stand in huge queues and wonder how Christmas shopping was in past days without Amazon. Must have been like war. Normally I survive this situation by staying calm and thinking about nice things. But this year I failed in keeping my good mood…

Never in my whole life as a last-minute Christmas shopper I experienced such a crappy weather in December. The rain messed up my hair, my shoes were thoroughly wet from the rain and with every minute my ability to think up suitable presents for my loved ones sank. Getting more and more grumpy, I felt like hitting the next person who would jostle me with my umbrella. I had to visit every shop twice because I couldn’t decide what to buy and it took me over three hours to buy exactly the same number of little presents.

I normally love to give presents, but it’s only real fun if I can invent something awesome as a surprise. It’s not the same when the person tells you a wish and you simply fulfill it. And the worst is if the person refuses to tell you something and you have no idea what to buy! The latter is normally the case when I have to go shopping three days before December 24. Because you are supposed to have a present, right? Maybe next year we should all agree that nobody buys a present and we’re just spending time together on Christmas Eve. I will suggest this to my family.

But enough of this lamenting. While running up and down the streets in my desperate search for presents I also took some pictures of the Christmas Market. It’s the one at the Town Hall and the Dome, normally very beautiful but today… a rather sad, wet and grey picture. But this is reality: German weather sucks. Everyone who comes here should be prepared for this! 😉

christmas market Bremen

The stands of the Christmas Market in front of the historical town hall of Bremen.

christmas market Bremen

On the right side you can see the Dome. In the center of Bremen all the historic buildings are very close together.

christmas market Roland Bremen

The statue is the Roland of Bremen.


rain window

Now I sit inside, drink hot tea and will never to go outside anymore (well, until tomorrow, I guess) …

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