The Ghost of “Last Christmas” – 30 Years, 1 Song

Temperature outside: 7 degrees. Raining 4 days in a row, killed all my Christmas feeling…

There is a ghost wandering through Germany every year in december. A song that they play on the radio again and again, for 30 years now since 1984: “Last Chistmas” by Wham! No song divides Germany like this so it really should have a place in my little explanation of German Christmas customs. Themed: “Once bitten, twice shyed!” 🙂

Every year this song is in the charts. We all know the text by heart. But many people hate it categorically, and I know a lot of them. Every time you mention “Last Christmas”, they make a face and say exactly this: “How I hate this song! Can’t stand it anymore!” I guess they have a point. 30 years is a long long time to hear a song on the radio, even if it’s just during one season per year. I mean: Give me a song I originally like and play it often enough on the radio, and I begin to get weary of it.

And to be honest: Wham! and especially George Michael is also a matter of taste. Music has changed a lot during the past 30 years, but I guess there were also people in 1984 who thought: What a kitschy song! From today’s perspective, watching the music video is actually a pain. My opinion: Artistically, this song isn’t worse than other Christmas songs. It has just been there for too long. And if they start playing it on November already it’s just too much, like it is too much when they begin to decorate the shops and sell christmas stuff as soon as summer is over!

Germany and “Last Christmas”. A kind of love-hate relationship. After 30 years it’s time to forget it, but that won’t happen. I think this song will still be there in 30 year from today. We are all perfectly conditioned: “Last Christmas” IS CHRISTMAS. At the moment it brings back my Christmas feeling which is about to disappear because of the rainy weather.

Here it is once again, for everyone who doesn’t know it or doesn’t remember. 🙂 (Actually, is there somebody anywhere in the world who doesn’t know it? How do you think about this song??)

Your thoughts:

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