DIY Advent Calendars are the best! Want some ideas for next year?

Temperature outside: Minus 2 degrees. No snow.

advent calendar diy

DIY Advent Calendar: Little gifts on a long rope. Made by a good friend for me this year.

I would like to make something clear before you guys get a wrong impression: I am no Christmas lunatic! 🙂 My flat isn’t full of decoration and lights. Neither am I religious. But don’t you love to sit with a hot chocolate on your comfy couch while it’s cold and dark outside? See, that’s Christmas time. It’s the only time of the year when sitting inside and having horrible weather is actually very nice! I guess it has something to do with childhood. We learn from the beginning that Christmas is magical. (And getting presents isn’t too bad either.) I still stick to the traditions of my childhood. One of them is the Advent calendar.  I NEED to have one every year so someone has to make one for me. Self-made calendars are still the best!

Advent calendars are, if we are honest, like Advent wreaths a way to stop kids from bugging their parents because they can’t wait until Christmas Eve. Originally, an Advent wreath also had 24 candles and therefore was something like a calendar.

My Mom used to make an Advent calendar for me and my brother every year. She made such a moving effort, especially when we were very young. There was different chocolate every day. No big presents and that was good. I dislike it when parents spoil their kids with so many expensive presents even before Christmas Eve.

Anyway, since then I think self-made Advent calendars are the best! I make some every year, either for my parents, my boyfriend or – like this year – for my friends. It’s so much better than to buy one of these cardboard calendars. And it’s much cheaper than calendars with brand products.

HOW TO? A few ideas:

1. Hang them up! The easiest way is: Buy various little things, sweets, cosmetics, tea, whatever the person you do the calendar for likes. Make little presents with colorful wrapping paper and hang them on a rope. You can put numbers for the days on them – or  write little riddles instead. 🙂

2. Loo paper rolls: Collect 24 empty loo paper rolls (you know, these cardboard rolls inside), wrap each of them into green paper with a little present inside and then pile them up to a pyramid. It will look a little like a Christmas tree.

advent calendar diy

DIY Advent Calendar: Cardboard with poetry behind each door.

3. Poetry calendar: You can also make a calendar with “immaterial” presents. Just buy two big cardboards of a nice color. They have to be stable. Cut 24 doors in to one of them: Draw little rectangles, cut 3 sides with a scissor and fold the paper along the 4th side. Now you have a door you can open and close. Glue the two cardboards together. Fill the space behind the doors with little poems, or maybe a story that continues over all the 24 days. Close the doors and write numbers for the days on each of them. (Tip: Change their order so each day has to be searched.) You may design your calendar however you like. This requires a few creative skills, but in the end you have a wonderful Advent calendar!

Your thoughts:

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