The new iPhone 6

Friday the sale of the new iPhone 6 started, and again we could amuse ourselves about crazy Apple fans camping in front of the stores. My boyfriend got his one by post. Because I never understand the hype about new Apple technology, I took it and played around a bit, comparing it to his old iPhone 5. So here’s my own non-professional customer test of the new iPhone 6! 🙂

I am no IT expert, so it doesn’t make sense if I tell you things about technological advances, like the A8 chip, which is supposed to be faster and more efficient than A7. I am not sure what the difference is, I just know the chip is the processor. Good to have a fast one. I could also tell you that the display has a higher resolution of 1334 x 750 pixel (iPhone 5: 1136 x 640). But to me what matters is the improvements you can actually feel when you use the phone. This is what I tested for you.

1. Design and handling

They did a more “radical” design change this time. The iPhone 6 has smooth round edges and feels very nice, I have to admit that. It is incredibly flat and light. But it is more difficult to handle with one hand because of its size: The new iPhone is 14mm higher and 8,7mm wider than iPhone 5. That sounds little, but has an effect: If you hold it tightly in your palm, you are not able to reach the app in the opposite corner with your thumb. You have to lay it loosely on your fingers. And that’s the smaller version of iPhone 6 – now imagine the “Plus” version! At least you can easily press the power button because they moved it from the top to the side of the phone. Apart from that there are no big changes or differences between the iPhones 5 and 6. The touch display responds and apps and websites open as quickly as usual – if there are improvements, I can’t notice them.

2. The camera

In a technological way, the camera of iPhone 6 isn’t much better than that of its predecessor. It has the same resolution of 8 megapixel. But there is something new called “focus pixel”, a sensor that improves the autofocus of the camera – which I indeed noticed when I took pictures for this test: The camera focussed very quickly and precisely. In addition, you can take videos in super slow motion, with 240 frames per second (iPhone 5: 120 frames per second). And something new: The time-lapse function, but that is actually a function of the new operating system iOS 8 and not of the iPhone 6. Here are the pictures I took with iPhone 5 and 6 in direct comparison. Click on the gallery to see. Everything was adjusted automatically, I didn’t do anything. 🙂 I personally don’t like the pictures of iPhone 6 much better, but it seems to need less light to produce an equal outcome.

3. Extras

There are some gimmicks that I have to mention for the sake of completeness. First, the fingerprint sensor on the home button, that recognises the owner of the phone. But iPhone 5s already had that, too. Second, iPhone 6 has a “motion co-processor” which functions as a motion sensor and a barometer. Well, if you like all your movements being tracked (if you use fitness apps for example) you should get something like that. Third, “near field communication” technology (NFC) – it allows you for example to pay cashless with your phone. But this function is at the moment completely useless as it only works in the USA. I wouldn’t use it anyway.


If you have an iPhone 5s, you don’t have to buy the new one. To me, it doesn’t feel much better for normal every-day use. Of course I can’t speak for those who play a lot on their phones – that could be a much better experience. And all users of older iPhone models (like me) will see that it is much better. But expensive, too.


Your thoughts:

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