3 things I learned in: Hungary (Budapest 2013)

Budapest market hall paprika1) I could in theory reduce my diet to paprika/pepper, sour cream and “nokedli” (kind of Hungarian spaetzle) and would be perfectly happy.

2) In Hungary you can only give your child a name from a certain official list. I guess this list – at least for the male Hungarians – is very short because literally every second guy is named “István” or “Gabor”. Same thing with the family names. Here is a hilarious story: I know a german woman living in Budapest whose name is “Pia” – which unfortunately means “alcohol” in Hungarian. So she wanted to get a personalized number plate for her car…and got in big trouble, because the name was on the forbidden list together with “sex” and that stuff. She pushed it through. Only a few days later people stole the number plate. Obviously because they found it very funny! 🙂

3) I never lived for a longer time in a country where I don’t speak the national language before. Now I realized how dependent we really are on the media: If you don’t speak the language and can’t follow the news you know nothing! It’s a bit scary, actually.

Read more about Hungary in general here – or see a gallery my favorite photos of Budapest here.

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