Three months in Budapest. Oh man…

Budapest_chain bridge_basilicaI was always driven by the idea that I should go abroad for a longer time at least once before I’m getting “old”. They told me: “Take your chances as long as you’re a student, because afterwards…” And the scary thing was they never exactly defined what would happen afterwards. I guess they meant a job, a family, the seriousness of life. Not that these things are bad, but the fact is: Afterwards you will never be that free again. So I actually felt obliged to myself to do this. Not because everybody does it and not because of my career, although the last one is a positive side effect. No, I just wanted to know how it is like living in another country. Maybe I also wanted to prove myself that I am able to do it. But most importantly I love travelling, and if I can’t get out of Germany at least once a year I get really restless. So I organized myself an internship of three months in Budapest, at a German newspaper.

Three months is not a holiday trip however. Only once I have been abroad for a similar long time. After my graduation I travelled two months through Australia with a friend. It was amazing but we didn’t actually live there, we were just passing through with eyes wide open in wonder. This time it will be different. I know three months may sound like a short period, but for a person like me who just feels whole with family and friends it is a long time. There were times when I thought: “Why the heck do you do this?” And then again I knew I would be angry with myself forever if I didn’t.

Your thoughts:

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